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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mandy Advertising?

Mandy Advertising is a display advertising (CPM) platform that enables you to post and manage your banner advert campaign online, and get through to a target audience of over 2.2m entertainment industry professionals worldwide.

What does the term "CPM" stand for?

CPM is short for cost per thousand (mille). Advertising on The Mandy Network is sold on a Cost Per Impression (CPI) basis.

An "Impression" is simply one advert view and refers to the point in which your advert is displayed once on a web page of a website of your choice. You can buy display advertising in block of 300,000 impressions (or more), meaning we'll show your advert 300,000 times for each block purchased.

How do I activate my banner advert?

Check our PRICING OPTIONS page for the detailed information and examples of The Mandy Network banner advert formats and pricing options. Use the green POST ADVERT button to upload your creative and activate the campaign. It will go live within minutes after you have set up your campaign details and clicked PAY & ACTIVATE.

How will I know if my impressions were served?

Once your campaign goes live, you will get access to detailed information about the impressions delivered and daily clicks.

How can I improve my banner advert design and get more clicks?

Display banner adverts are designed to increase your brand’s awareness and drive traffic to your website or promote a particular promotion / product. There are 3 key components that should be included in your advert:

  • Your company logo to build brand awareness. Make sure that it’s visually dominant but not as dominant as the marketing statement and the call to action.
  • The marketing statement showcases your service or a product your brand provides. Marketing statement calls attention to itself with attractive products or services, i.e. "Top Quality Headshots", "Film Production Services", "Audio Facilities" or special offers and prices, i.e."50% off", "Limited time offer" or "Free!". It should take up the most space in your ad and be the first thing that you viewers’ eyes are attracted to.
  • The call to action is usually made of text or a button with phrases like "Click Here", "Learn More", "Watch Now" or "Register Here". It should be a standout focal point of the ad, prompting viewers to click on it.

    Remember to keep the design simple and consistent!

Need more help?

Email or call our team on +44 (0)20 7288 7404 to discuss any specific requirements.